Sunday, August 31, 2008

September Birthday Card Bonanza

Here is the card for September's Birthday Card Bonanza. The scan washed out the colors a bit, but the flower has orange at the top, and the leaves are green.

Cost, as always, is $1 per card. Let me know how many you'd like to make. I will be at a wedding rehearsal in the early evening, so BCB will start at 7:30 this month.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Can you even stand it???!!! I love this frame! This is one of the two pieces you'll make in the first class of the Seasonal Frame Series. You'll make eight pieces total, all with the square theme you see here. The first class is $20 and includes your frame. Let me know if you want black or vanilla. You can get both, if you like! Just add another $10 to the cost of the class.

Also, four of the images in the sample are from the Chills & Thrills rub-ons. You don't have to use them on your art - you can use stamps instead. If you just love the rub-ons, those are extra, as well. HOWEVER, if you sign up for the Halloween Stamp Camp, you'll need only one set of the rub-ons for both classes.