Saturday, August 21, 2010

VC Blog Hop #4!

Welcome to my blog! After Loni's fine Beginning Blogger class, I finally have my blog on its way to looking the way I would like. At least the width is finally right!

If you have been hopping along, you should have arrived from Marisol's site, A Touch of Sol. If not, you can start at the beginning here.

This time around, I have a Decor Elements project for you. I decorated a mailbox for my sister-in-law. I like it!

Decor Elements Flower Garden (Small)
Chocolate DE Sheets
Alphabet Simple & Numbers Big Shot dies
Bone Folder or DE Applicator (I have one, but can't find it! LOL It is easier to use than a bone folder for this).
Metal mailbox from a home improvement store


1. Clean and dry the mailbox.
2. Cut pieces from DE Flower Garden
3. Rub each piece with DE Applicator per directions

4. Using blue painter's tape, position your pieces as desired.

5. Flip images up one at a time using the painter's tape as a "hinge," and slowly remove backing paper. If while you are removing the backing paper, some images do not stick to the transfer paper (on front of image) replace the backing paper and rub again with DE Applicator or bone folder. Once the image is fully stuck to the transfer paper, slowly flip the image back down into place. Rub with applicator or bone folder to adhere.

6. Mulit-colored images come in separate pieces. This makes for easier positioning and customization.

7. I cut out the numbers and letters using the Big Shot and Bigz dies. Remember to place the DE sheets face down so that your letters are not backwards!

8. Lining up the letters was a bit tricky. I'm sure there is an easier way, but I always find the hard way first. I peeled back the backing paper and laid out the letters using the grid from another transfer sheet. Then I replaced the backing, rubbed with the DE applicator, and positioned the words one at a time on the mailbox.

SU! includes directions with their DE sheets (they come in lots of colors!) so read them carefully before you start your project.

Here we have the finished product! The word "sibley" is a little crooked, but it's not too bad.

I added a little on the back, as well.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed this project. Don't be afraid to try Decor Elements!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I just might have some Blog Candy for a few of my VC friends who leave comments.

The next stop on the VC Blog Hop is Angela's site, Scrappin' for Sanity. Enjoy!



  1. Omg, how awesome! I think it is time for a mailbox update. Have a blessed day!

  2. Oh my.. I think I need a new mailbox to decorate! Great job Shari.. and not a pirate in sight? Hugs, Loni

  3. I like this! I have done a "little" with decor elements but nothing this cute.

    Hmmmmm.... I have no mailboxes....

  4. What a great project!! It turned out wonderful.

  5. What a great project & idea! Your SIL will love it. tfs

  6. Awesome idea. TFS!


  7. What an adorable Mail Box I know your SIL neighbors are going to be jealous :)! I bet she gets tons of comments about it. Great job showcasing the Decor Elements.

  8. Wow! Great project, Shari! I'd love a pretty mailbox like that one.

  9. What a fun project either as a gift or for your own use. Thanks for sharing your lovely artwork.

  10. WOW!!! I want a new mailbox! That is one awesome project!

  11. I used Decor elements on my laptop & love it. I'm visioning a new mailbox soon. Great project!

  12. What a cute idea! Love your image choices too!

  13. Shari, I wouldn't even have thought about doing, this. really haven't played with the DE sheets at all. This is absolutely the cutest mailbox, ever!

    Your sister-in-law is one lucky lady.


  14. Very cute Shari! Great instructions and idea.

  15. Wow, I never thought of that use for the DE sheets ... I love your mailbox and I just might have to do one for my daughter for her new home.

  16. Awww it's so cute. It makes me mad that we dont have mail service in our town-we have a stupid PO Box. (Do you think they would let me decorate it?)

  17. Shari, what a cute, cute idea. I love the look and I'm sure your sister loves it too.

    We have one of those boxes at the end of the street that everyone has a box assigned -- can't have a mail box and this would have been such a good idea to add to the porch. TFS