Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Convention in SLC: Day 1

I am at the 2011 Stampin' Up!  in Salt Lake City, Utah!  Woo Hoooooooo!  The activities start tomorrow, so today was arrival day for many, including myself and my roomie, Carey Rogers from Missouri.

We first exchanged some stamped gifts, then had some tastiness at the Blue Iguana, my favorite Mexican restaurant.  The Chimis there are SO good.  We also had virgin strawberry daquiris.  YUM.  After that filling meal, we walked a few blocks (to work it off a bit) to The Gateway, the outdoor mall.  We found some comfy sandals for Carey and some Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream!  MORE YUM!  (We are VERY full right now).  So much for working off dinner.

This photo shows the view as we walked back to our hotel.  I am from Michigan, so seeing mountains is awesome to me!  Especially when they still have that pretty snow on them in the middle of July!

Tomorrow the swapping craziness begins.  I have about 200 card fronts to swap and 10 teabag holder booklets, for which I made three little pages instead.  We can also shop at Memento Mall, tour the Riverton campus (home office and distribution center - many photo ops!) and in the evening, a Convention Kick-Off Party!  Fun fun fun!

More news tomorrow, if I'm not too exhausted!



  1. Looks like a great start to a wonderful week my friends.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Looking forward to the excitment!