Sunday, July 17, 2011

Convention in SLC: Last Day

Today, sadly, was our last day of convention.  We started the day with a couple more classes.  If we attended at least five classes, we got a new stamp set!  It's a great set for demos, with sayings perfect for our business.  After our classes, we picked up our free set in the Gathering Place before lunch.  We had plenty of time to finish taking pictures of all the displays before they were taken down.  After lunch we had our final General Session, with some great demos and FREE STUFF!  (We cannot post pictures of products, so I had to erase the images a bit. Sorry!) I also got to take my 10-Year March today!  It's always so cool to walk across the main stage.  A few of my friends even saw me on the big screens.

As we exited the Main Stage area for the last time, all the displays and decorations were already gone, or nearly so, from the rest of the convention center.

I wish that I could attend convention every year.  It is always SO much fun, so inspiring, and so exhausting.  LOL  It's worth it!  I love it!!!  Wouldn't you like to come with me next time?



  1. Great pics Shari! I missed being with you. Maybe next year??? OMG, and the picture with the sets whited out ... at first glance your scribbles look like a bicycle (left) and a poodle ! ROFL. don't ask me why. hahaha.

  2. Thanks for posting all the pictures, Shari. It was fun to see them!

  3. Why, yes I would love to come with you next time!! In fact may (notice the correct grammar there) I please room with you again. You were such a hoot and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Great pics. I am trying to tidy up the house, do laundry and put away STUFF. I also have to finish my virtual roomies gifts. Way too much stuff to do before I go back to work on Wed night. Hugs to you since I missed doing it when I was out of the room by 5:05!!

    Carey and Roscoe (who is very glad his mommy is home)