Thursday, July 14, 2011

Convention in SLC: Day 2 Pt. 1 - Memento Mall


Today was a fun-filled day!  First we got our convention bags and M&T stamp sets and then we got in line for Memento Mall.  I did some swapping since we were in line for an hour!  This pic shows only a short portion of the line we were in.

There are tons of goodies at Memento Mall this year.  Decks of cards (a favorite souvenir for me wherever I go!), insulated lunch bags and cups, umbrellas, ribbon samplers, clothing, mouse pads and skins for your laptop, totes, SNAIL leashes, pens, and on and on.

Enjoy the photos!  The next post will be some of the displays!

Happy Stampin'




  1. Hey, there is some cool stuff at Memento Mall!

  2. OMG, fun stuff. I want that lunch sack, the plastic tumbler w/straw, and an umbrella. I hope they make this stuff available for us to buy later :-)